Basic Troubleshooting For Your SolarEdge Solar Inverter


Checking on the status and health of your SolarEdge inverter

by Joe Nelson, Sustainable Energy Group’s Lead Electrician 

In this article we will give a basic overview of SolarEdge Solar Inverters and simple troubleshooting techniques you may try or you may be asked to try by SEG’s technicians. Stay tuned for more short tutorials on Enphase, Home Batteries and Generators with Tips and Tricks for troubleshooting your Solar and Backup Power systems. 


SEG Wants to help you get the most out of your system and the sun, so regularly checking your inverter for any errors and to see if it is producing is the best practice for solar system ownership.

Inverter status and health is something you should check on regularly, it is easy to do and keeps you familiar with your system and the current condition of your inverter. With this simple insight you can check in a matter of seconds. Use these tips to help train your eye to regularly check the status of your inverter. Look at the images below to match your inverter to the information provided.


If your inverter looks like this, you have an A-Body Solar Edge inverter.

solaredge solar inverter

solaredge troubleshooting

If your inverter looks like this, you have a HD-wave Solar Edge inverter.

hdwave solaredge solar inverter troubleshooting

hdwave solaredge solar inverter troubleshooting 2

If your inverter seems unresponsive, a technician may ask you to “Power Cycle” your inverter.

Go to your main electrical panel or the electrical panel closest to where your inverter is located and look for this label below.

Our technician will instruct you on best practices for power cycling your inverter. Your solar breaker should have this red label affixed next to it.

pv solar breaker troubleshooting nevada county california

For additional support See our FAQ page and the Solar Edge support pages and videos online.