Exploring The Best Way To Heat Your Home in Northern California

most effcient and cheap way to heat in the sierra foothills of california

Let’s explore cost, efficiency, installation experience needed, DIY possibilities, footprint, maintenance, lifespan and more to help you determine the best way to heat your home in our Sierra Foothills of Northern California!

The 2 infographics below compare:

  • natural gas furnaces
  • multiple types of wood and pellet stoves
  • mini-splits & heat pumps
  • propane and more

Get some tea or coffee, turn up the heat and happy scrolling!

After you read the infographics, visit here for a DEEP DIVE into each section of the infographic with corresponding forums and learning from the great community at Permies.com!


how to heat your home in norther california nevada county sierra foothills gas, wood, rocket mass

2. comparision of ways to heat your home in northern california sierras