2022 Year In Review

Highlights: The Most Batteries We Have Installed in a Year — Pandemic Recovery to Record Breaking Solar Installs for the 3rd Year in a Row  —  Community Service & Support — Education for Change — 1st Ever Sustainable Guide to the Sierra Foothills

Impact of 1 solar company (us!) + our amazing community by installing solar:

Trees Planted
Pounds of Coal we did not have to burn!
Number of Smartphones charged with Clean Energy!

Using a handy tool created by the EPA we have converted KWh produced from 2004 – 2022 by almost all of our solar pv systems to show you some amazing facts about what adding solar power can do for our community.

Happy Holiday’s and Happy New Year and let’s continue our great work!

My resolution: Make sure all my homeowner friends know that solar policy could change April 2023 and they should really look into solar before the ROI shrinks. Solar can truly makes a difference for wallet and the planet!

Let’s dive a little deeper…

ray darby brian gardner sustainable energy group seg california solar

Since our last “Year in Review” in 2019, our respected and honored founder Ray Darby has officially passed the reigns to our now President and Owner, local born & raised Brian Gardner! Brian has taken over in spectacular fashion getting SEG through the some challenging times during COVID and helped SEG step into Best of Nevada County status in 2022 voted by you all in The Union newspaper! (Thank you!) —  Brian continues the legacy set down by Ray and you can read all about it in many publications and press in 2022 as well our company story video down below. 


The Year Sustainable Energy Group was Born

Record Breaking Solar Installs in 2022:

Increase in solar installations from 2019 to 2022!!

Community Service & Support from 2019 to 2022:

  • Designed over 30 Solar Systems for Habitat for Humanity
  • Created an at home educational program and contest for children during COVID called Beautiful World, Beautiful Future where we had a literary, artist, solar design and family energy prize. 
  • Volunteered with the Grass Valley Energy Action Plan & Nevada County Energy Action Plan
  • Active members of Nevada County Business Networking International (BNI), Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce, Nevada City Chamber of Commerce and Nevada County Contractors Association
  • Sponsored the Resolve2Run for the Chicago 4-H Club
  • Created the 1st ever Sustainable Guide to the Sierra Foothills, honoring over 60 local and sustainable businesses, schools, educators, contractors, restaurants, farms, ranchers and more.
  • Wrote the famous “How Sustainable Are We” where SEG brought light to our local issues and challenges on Food, Water, Shelter, Energy, and more.
  • Joined and became active in the local 60/40 Group whose mission is “the more one gives, the more one receives.”
  • Active in Grass Valley’s local chapter of the Soroptimist where they are “helping women and girls live their dreams.” 

Education for Change —

2022 was a record year for our Energy & Ecology Newsletter where we saw our subscribers skyrocket past 2.5k. Subscribe below in the footer of this page. The newsletter is a strong tool highlighting topics like Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Living, Sustainable Development, Regenerative Farming, Permaculture, Energy Efficiency, Energy Policy and more. We fulfilled our goal to provide our community with information from local experts to empower their journey towards a sustainable future.

Real Practical information was given by:

  • Sol Learning Center in Nevada City who notably showed the efficacy of building community support tiny homes where students learn and real, sustainable homes are built. 
  • Bear Yuba Land Trust in Grass Valley teaching us about building floating islands to help with riparian health
  • Briar Patch in Grass Valley talking about their continued efforts to push a zero waste stream with their pilot compostable bags
  • KOrganics in North San Juan teaching us how to create life in our soil using ferments
  • +more, click our “Local News” page for more. 

SEG Solar + Our Community over 18 years =

Saved greenhouse gas emissions from about:

This is equivalent to CO2 emissions from:

This is equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions avoided by:

This is equivalent to carbon sequestered by:


What an amazing 2022!  Let’s go even further in 2023! We can’t do it without your help. If you refer a friend or family member and they get solar we will send you a check for $500!   Fill out the referral form here >>