Heat Pumps – Efficient Appliances That Deliver Both Comfort and Savings

A heat pump is sort of like an air conditioner, but with a reversing valve so it can both heat and cool your building very efficiently, with electricity!

Heat pumps have evolved a lot over the past few decades, and there are several significant advancements that have occurred. The most recent being mini-split heat pumps that can provide constant air temperature in multiple zones inside your home without ducting. Split – meaning there are both inside and outside components in the system.

The inside components are so small they can be placed in individual rooms or zones. You can choose not to heat that guest room or entire floor when it isn’t being used.

With your heating powered by solar rather than gas, you can prevent a lot of pollution from going into the air and a lot of money from fleeing your bank account.

The NRDC “found that a gas-to-electricity swap reduced emissions by … 46 percent to 54 percent for air-source heat pumps, depending on the efficiency of the gas-fired equipment replaced.”[1]

Newer heat pumps can also work efficiently over a wide outdoor temperature range, from broiling hot to well below freezing.

Stay tuned for our upcoming article Heat Pumps and Solar, Clean Efficient Comfort for more details on how heat pumps work and expert advice from a local contractor.

Image Courtesy: Fujitsu 2018