In 2015 Sustainable Energy Group installed a solar array for customers Marcia and Roger in Grass Valley designed to eliminate their $1,700/year electric bill.  Last year, they implemented our recommendations on Time Of Use (TOU) and Net Energy Metering.

By shifting the bulk of their energy use to off peak hours, they were able to off-set their entire electric bill, which had been averaging $200/year.

That didn’t mean that they had to sacrifice comfort. In fact, during the hottest summer months and on days when air quality was poor, they maintained their AC at 75-78 F.

Of Sustainable Energy Group, Marcia says, “Your assessment of our needs was right on from the start. All the other estimates we got from other companies tried to sell us more panels that would have overproduced. So all is well thanks to your expertise and great service.”

Getting the most return on your solar investment is essential, so attention to details is crucial!

Important data such as the sunlight available on different roof areas and historical hourly usage too, because the prices you’re charged (or credited for) are based on the time they occur. Affordability and aesthetic considerations are crucial as are high quality components, installation and support over the long term. Craft beer is all the rage these days, we think Solar Crafted With Care should be too!