Our TOP Nevada County COVID-19 Resource Guides:

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What you will find in this guide of guides:

  • Local Food Directory List
  • General Community Guides
  • Community Service Lists
  • Facebook Groups
  • Restaurant, Delivery & Pickup Guides
  • Other Sustainable Community Links

Local Food Focused List:

By Sierra Harvest : www.sierraharvest.org/connect/we-are-here-for-you-resources

Find local food, farm and garden resources for you and your family

Includes: Where to Buy Local Food, Grow Your Own Food, Cooking at Home, Farm & Home School Activities

Notable Points:

  • Join a CSA and support your locals farmer before they start planting.
  • Farmers Market’s will be open as essential services
  • Supporting our local farmers is a top priority!


++ Sending a big thank you to our neighbors the Briar Patch Coop, for being committed to selling & sourcing food from our local farmers, in a brick and mortar store. We are so lucky to have you in our community, especially in times of crisis. – www.briarpatch.coop

Social Distancing Tip: Online organic grocery ordering & paying  w/ curbside pickup is awesome!


Check out California Organics – www.californiaorganics.comOrganic Produce, Bulk items like herbs and grains, and more. Thank you!


General, Very Extensive Community Guides/Lists: 


Nevada County COVID-19 Relief Resources

– one of the most extensive list of resources and guides.

Includes (but not limited to) : Testing, Community Services, Utilities, State Programs, Learning Resources, Small Business, Links for websites


Connecting Point (211) list of resources

Includes: Cleaning Recommendations  – Community Clinics – Finance, Business, & Taxes – Food Resources – Guidelines (Federal & State) – Housing & Shelter – Legal Assistance –  Mental Health – Pharmacies – Recreation – Testing – Transportation – Updates & Info – Utilities – Volunteer Opportunities


Business Education from SBDC (Sierra Business Council)

Overview of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), CARES Act, and other business advice.

Restaurants, Delivery, Pickup:

Crowdsourced‌ & Current ‌List‌ ‌of‌ ‌Curbside/Pick-up‌ ‌Food‌ ‌Resources‌ ‌for‌ ‌Nevada County

See crowdsourced google doc here>>


Secondary Lists: (not as extensive and maybe not updated as much)



Coming soon: Nevada County Strong!  www.nevadacountystrong.com

A website dedicated to listing what is available for us in Nevada County.


Attn: Power Backups & Solar

Because of PSPS and Fire Season: Solar & Power Backup (Batteries & Generators) are considered Essential Services.

We are currently booking installations & online planning sessions to be ready when we start installing again.

*Contact us ASAP as we are already booking months ahead.

To schedule your work before the next round of PSPS. Call 530-273-4422  or go here www.sustainableenergygroup.com/contact-us/



Running List of Offerings we have found:

Check back daily for new additions…


Local Experts who can offer assistance and advise on your land project and how to grow food

(Land Managers, Permaculture Practitioners, Gardeners, Farmers, +)


Extended list with more contact information coming soon:

Suean Stewart (landscape & permaculture), Matt Berry


We want to know/meet all of you gardeners, farmers, permaculturists here locally.  Please talk with us! www.sustainableenergygroup.com/contact-us


Side Note: While we are all in need of some inspiration check out these two directories created by locals, showing local people doing great things for our planet.

1. The Source Directory from the Alliance for Resilient Communities – www.thesourcedirectory.org

A big thank you to Michael DiMartino from Golden Road Productions, Water Protector Tour and a radio host at KVMR for putting together these resources.

2. Pro Planet People – A directory of who is working and where in Sustainability, Permaculture, Natural Building and more. www.proplanetpeople.com –  created by our very own Harry O’Rourke.

Also don’t forget to tune into KVMR for Homestead Radio Hour, The Garden Forum, The Energy Report and the Golden Road Radio hour for inspiring sustainability focused, local radio.


Herbal Support


Remedy Garden in Nevada City

Has an online shop, and phone orders – www.remedygarden.com/shop/

Remedy Garden open for phone orders and front door pickup from 11-5 and every day except Wed and Sunday.


Acorn Herbal School in Nevada City

Heather Luna with Acorn Herbal School offers clinics often and would be available for advise during this time. The are based in Nevada City.



Heidi Lien

Hi Everyone, as a Professional Aromatherapist I wanted to give you another tool to help support your system in addition to all the other precautions that are being recommended. These nasal inhalers have been well received and many are enjoying their use. I also have the blend available for diffusing.
I can ship and offer PayPal.
$10 Inhalers
$15 Essential Oil Blend 5 ml

Kathi Keville – www.ahaherb.com

We want to know all of you Herbalists here locally. Please talk with us! www.sustainableenergygroup.com/contact-us

Raya Grieb – www.facebook.com/Simply-Being-Botanicals-454327104907667/

Natural Health Support

Darlene Weiss – Living Waters – www.facebook.com/livingwaters530/


Vegetable and Fruit CSA

Farms with CSAs – CSAs give money directly to our farmer, often time before the crop is even planted or animal raised, guaranteeing they have the money, no matter what happens. CSA is Community Support Agriculture.


Mountain Bounty Farms

Veggie, Fruit, Flower – Local staple

www.mountainbountyfarm.com/bounty – www.mountainbountyfarm.com/veg-shares

Pay in increments of 4 – $130 or 25 for 10% off – $740


Early Bird Farms:

OK folks here’s the updated information on the CSA delivery of fresh vegetables and grains. Drew has been working with me all week to try to figure out how to make this work. He has graciously agreed to deliver to folks that are shut in and or don’t have any other way to get their fresh veggies. He’s only going to charge us five dollars per delivery which is $100 per year. Very reasonable. He is also partnered with the ham stand and with the tortilla company in town and will be offering those products along with his seasonal vegetables and grains. This is a terrific opportunity for those that cannot get out or who like me are compromised and doing 100% isolating at home.  there are only about 20 spots available so if you’re interested email Drew today at the address in the picture. And thank you to Early Bird Farm for doing their best to help our community

earlybirdfarm@yahoo.com – 530-913-8461 – https://www.facebook.com/earlybirdnc/ – www.earlybirdnc.com

22-25 weeks – just veggies – $750 – The whole Shebang $900

Produce, Sourdough Bread from flour from the Early Bird , Early bird mixes (pancake, cornbread, polenta)

11019 Newtown Road, Nevada City, CA 95959 – CSA Pickup Fridays 10:30 – 5:30pm


Starbright Acre Farms

CSA : $500 for 20 week



Thanks to all who have joined our Spring CSA, our shares are SOLD OUT. We still have availability for our 24 week Summer CSA season. Sign-up link



Sons of Something  – www.sonofsomething.com

Peter Hidalgo I am the owner of Son of Something Farm and we offer a box of weekly produce and occasionally have eggs. Were located in South County as well. Feel free to DM for more information.


Sierra Harvest has more CSAs but they did not have info on their website or have we seen them post publicly. www.sierraharvest.org/connect/we-are-here-for-you-resources/


Meat and Egg CSA or Farm Share

Pork, Eggs and Maybe Produce can be bought online

Cosmic Roots Ranch

16284 Indian Springs Ranch Road
Grass Valley, CA 95949

Calling all raw goats milk lovers! 🐐🥛
First Rain Farm in Nevada City is taking new herd share members for the upcoming 2019 milking season. What is a herd share you ask? Basically it’s like a vegetable CSA share but it’s for raw goats milk instead of veggies. You pay in advance depending on how many quarts of raw milk you would like each week and we work hard milking 7 days a week for 7 months so that you get the freshest most delicious milk April through October. We raise Nubian dairy goats and their diet is mostly forage from the farm that is managed with rotational grazing as well as a small amount of organic barley(their treat during milking)and organic alfalfa hay.
If you have an interest then head on over to our website www.firstrainfarm.com and click on goats and then click on the yellow banner that says fill out herdshare form. We ask you a few questions and will get back to you with more information regarding pricing ect…! We have about 19 shares available and it will begin April 1st. We hope to hear from you.
Kat McClintock & Tim Van Wagner
First Rain Farm

Lauren Hesterman

Blue Dane Garden – See link to this post in FB

Starting this Friday, Blue Dane Garden will begin serving Nevada County with a Drive Thru Farm Stand at the Alternative Building Center (address below) on Fridays and Saturdays from 9-1.

Avoid the grocery store – come support a local farm and fill up on immune boosting organic greens, herbs, and veggies! Free range, organic eggs and honey will be available as well.

563 Idado Maryland Rd


Open, Locally Owned, Sustainable Food Focused Supermarkets


Briar Patch – Address: 290 Sierra College Dr, Grass Valley, CA – Phone: (530) 272-5333

Big thank you to Briar Patch for providing food from our local farmers, in a brick and mortar store, we are so lucky to have you in our community, especially in times of crisis. – www.briarpatch.coop

*We would love to help Briar Patch with their power backup options (batteries, generators) for the future.


California Organics – Address: 135 Argall Way, Nevada City – Phone: (530) 265-9392

Get organic produce and bulk food ordered online, paid online and brought to your car from California Organics.

If anyone knows their owners, maybe we can see how we can get help get even more local produce in their online shopping cart.


Natural Selection – 589 E Main St, Grass Valley, CA 95945 – Phone: (530) 272-8789

Locally Owned Supermarket that is open SPD Markets – Nevada City and Grass Valley


Restaurants Selling Produce and Eggs and Bulk

Three Forks

Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Co is also selling local eggs, honey, organic Straus milk, locally roasted organic coffee beans from FoxHound, cold soups in jars for reheating at home, beer and wine and many other goodies, including all of your pastries and desserts. – Give us a call at 530-470-8333 for takeout, curbside pickup, and delivery options. We’re still cookin’!!

Nathan Keys – Roost, Grass Valley Brewing

Roost @ Grass Valley Brewery is now offering call in grocery ordering service. Roost and Grass Valley Brewing company believe deeply in community support and engagement. This service will allow the community to place an order for any of the goods listed and have the ability to pick them up the next day with delivery options also available. Providing easy, safe, healthy access to food is of the utmost importance. Any relief of stress in these tumultuous times while also encouraging the public to remain safe and to follow the guidance of our healthcare officials will ultimately benefit the community and the public in general. We welcome all calls/questions and will do our best to assist in any way we can.

Ordering will begin tomorrow, Monday 3/30 from 1-5pm!

Other Misc Goods for Healthy Living and Support

Heidi Jolynne Garrett – Nevada City

If you’re looking to uplevel your broth or soup stocks, look no further than www.blumandbrubroths.com We provide organic and sustainably harvested herbal broth blends catered to supporting your health and vitality!

Sheerlie Ryngler – Nevada City

hello commUNITY! Liquid Gold Juicery is offering potent provision bundles for curbside pick-up on thursdays 🙏 100% organic cold-pressed juices, fresh coco/hemp mylks with medicinal mushrooms + adaptogenic herbs, and immune-boosting shots 💗 530.334.5353 to order ; orders must be received by Tuesday at 4pm each week. love + blessings for health to all

Catalyst BioAmendments – Compost to restore soil fertility

We use Soil Food Web Techniques to analyze the biology in your soil and assess your specific needs to allow …
Email – catalystbioamendments@gmail.com
Who’s got that good soil, organic hay, worms, compost and straw and more contact us!

Outdoor markets are still operating

Nevada City Farmers Market

NEVADA CITY, Calif. April 1, 2020 The Nevada City Farmers’ Market will continue operations following the strict guidelines set forth by the CDFA and CDPH. As our community responds to the current public health crisis, maintaining access to fresh, local, healthy food is of critical importance. – www.yubanet.com/regional/the-nevada-city-farmers-market-in-the-time-covid-19/

Nevada City Farmers Market – April 4th, 2020

We have made the incredibly difficult decision to cancel market tomorrow.

COVID-19 presents an ever changing environment with many uncertainties and hard choices. The Nevada City Farmers Market prioritizes the health and well-being of our community. We realize that these are scary times for us all and we are all working collectively to move forward safely.

With that being said, we will be putting all of our energy into making our May markets as safe as possible so that we can get you the produce you need to stay healthy. Supporting your local farmer is important now more than ever and we plan on coming back in May ready to serve you. In the mean time, please reach out to our incredible vendors and see how you can pick up locally. @freshstarts.organicfarm & @starbrightacresfamilyfarm for all your quarantine garden starts – @riverhillfarmers for the tastiest greens around @amranchca & @the_james_ranch for delicious local meat

Thank you for understanding and please be ready for May when we come back safely ready to serve our community.

#ncfm #nevadacityfarmersmarket #covid19 #farmersmarket #nevadacounty


Nursery and plants

See full list on Sierra Harvest’s Directory

In case we do not have the Mother’s Day Plant sale in Nevada City and the Master Gardener’s Plant Sale

Heidy Adams “Hi Gardeners, I HAVE PLANTS!!
I’m a small certified organic nursery in Penn Valley. I normally sale mostly wholesale to Briar Patch And Peaceful Valley but both have limited their nurserys. I still have a ton of plants that need homes so I’ve decided to post an updated list regularly to my website and people can email me what they want. Once ordered, I can box them up and put them in the driveway so that there’s no unnecessary contact. Right now is a great time to plant perennials and early spring greens and herbs, so that’s mainly what is ready right now. I’ll have a ton of summer vegetables ready in the next couple of weeks so check back in again if that’s mainly what you want. Enlightenedearthherbs.com

Medicinal Herbs

Kathi Keville I know! I have 35 flats of 65 medicinal herb species myself, supposedly awaiting NC Mothers Day Plant sale. Glad to hear you’re offering driveway service. If I end up having plant sale here whenever, will let you know so you can bring what you have left.


Plant Sales at Food Love farm

Apr 25 – May 9
You like Sierra Harvest

Garden Starts online: Starbright Acres Farm – https://www.starbrightacresfarm.com/buy-online

Kurtis Wahi www.kurtsgarden.com

 Kurt’s Garden here On Main Street , tomatoes are here ! Lots more to come ! All organic certified and from our local sources . We are working hard to keep everyone supplied with plants this season . These are all available for curbside pickup or delivery . Thank you and be well . ❤️ Kurt

Please DM for more info and keep them frost protected
Tomatoes: San Marzano, Mortage lifter , Berkley Tie Dye, Cherokee Purple, Nepal, New Girl, Pineapple, Valencia

Cherry : , Purple Bumblebee, Sungold, Sweet 100
These are ready by Tuesday or Wednesday
4” pots – 3.5$ each

595 east main st
274 8733
Next to natural selection health food

Local Kombucha!~ NC Kombuchary now has ordering for pick up or delivery at www.nckombuchary.com

Thank you for checking out our Nevada County Guide of Guides during COVID-19.

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