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sustainable guide of the sierra foothills california

Read the 2022 Sustainable Energy Group’s called Sustainable Guide for our Sierra Foothills

Please enter who you think are Sustainable, Eco-conscious, Eco-friendly and Green in the categories below. 

Add your thoughts for more categories in the comment fields below.

Local = NW Sierra Nevada Foothills – Nevada County, Placer, El Dorado, + Parts of Butte, Yuba, Amador Counties. 

Please separate your suggestions with ; semicolons ;

Already on the list: Sierra Harvest, Sierra Streams, SYRCL, BYLT. ** Who else can you think of?
What companies, aside from solar companies, can you think of that are helping the planet. --- Examples: Catalyst Bio-Amendments, Peaceful Valley--- OR What businesses are running their operations sustainably. Example: They power their office with solar, recycle, support sustainable organizations or policies, and more. Tell us why if it's not obvious.
Already on the list: Sol Learning Center, Fox Walkers, The Ohmapi Nature Project, Wild & Scenic Film Festival, BYLT. ** Who else can you think of?
Which Farmers market do you think supports the local, organic and regenerative farmers the most?
Which of our super markets supports local organic, regenerative farms, ranches, and other local eco products the most?
Which farms to you think are "doing it right" for the planet and the people? Regenerative, organic, biodynamic and other types. On the list: First Rain Farms, Mountain Bounty, Super Tuber ** Who else can you think of?
What local ranch is simply "doing it right" for the planet? Think regenerative grazing, organic and natural feed. Egg producers are also welcome in this list.
What restaurants are "doing it right" for the planet, creatures and people? They supply their food locally and organically, avoid plastic and sytrofoam packaging and to-go containers, and more. Already on the list: 3 Forks, California Organics. ** Who else can you think of?
Your favorite local eco-friendly, sustainable event.
An easy choice would be natural builders, but what other contractors do you know that are "doing it right" for the planet?
Sustainable packaging, sourcing and ingredients. ** Who can you suggest?
Who are our "for the planet" politicians? Please share why. -- Local, up to the county level.
Which farmers do you know that deserve some honors?
Which teachers that you know that are eco-inspiring and teaching their students how to be for the planet. Let's honor them!

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