Solar and Fungi? A message for 2022…

Many of our traditions have roots in the change of seasons and sunlight. These celebrations bring us closer to each other and help us tune in to our planet’s rhythms.
As the rain and snow begin we get to marvel at another gift of life aside from plants and animals. Something that is always below our feet and plays an important role to all life on this planet.
The Wonderful Kingdom of Fungi!
Have you heard of the saying “No Fungi, No Food?”
“The importance of mycorrhizal fungi cannot be overstated; it has been suggested that as many as 95% of all the world’s plant species form mycorrhizal relationships with fungi and that in the majority of cases the plant would not survive without them.” David Malloch
Fungi, what a wonderful gift!
As another season approaches, and our gift giving is in full flow, let’s not forget to ask ourselves the questions:
With all of the gifts the earth gives us – water, air, food, shelter, what are we giving back to the earth?
What are we doing to help preserve nature and all it’s beauty?
How can our choices benefit all those sharing our planet?
We here at SEG, believe generating power from the sun, instead of burning fossil fuels, is part of the answer to the questions above. Solar enables us to consume energy in a sustainable, non polluting way. What other places in society can we upgrade our choices to a more sustainable option?
Why does a solar and backup power company publish an entire newsletter about fungi and mushrooms?
It is our hope that if humans can find beauty and gratitude in all of earth’s gifts, no matter how small, we may we use that gratitude to choose and help others choose to live life more sustainably. A life with nature, not against.
Someday, when our technology brings more of us into space I hope that we can look back at earth and say we helped steward a planet with more grassy greens, watery blues and less concrete greys and asphalts blacks.
Such a wonderful gift we can give!