Meet Intern Liz

Hello everyone! My name is Elizabeth Young, and I am the new intern for Sustainable Energy Group. I will be known online as Intern Liz.

There are a few reasons why I wanted to join SEG, but after meeting some employees and learning what was needed of me, I was even more excited! I have only been here since the end of March, but I already have so much to say! 

The plan is for me to have my own updates each month in the newsletter. The perfect place to start would be why and how I’m here.

I am on my last semester at Sierra College for my Environmental Studies and Sustainability degree, and my Natural Sciences Degree. This summer I will also receive a 3rd degree in Biological Sciences. Since I am so close, I figured I would start searching for opportunities in the field of sustainability.

I eventually found myself on the phone with Harry O’Rourke, the one who is training me. I learned what my roles would be; managing social media, creating/editing newsletters, and creating my own journal and posts! I would be given instructions and guidelines, and also have room for adding my own personal touch and story.  I would be able to actually spark change just by sharing my ideas about sustainability!

Not only will I be helping  SEG in these areas, I am also their link into the Roseville to Auburn area! With more and more installs happening in that area from SEG it seemed like a perfect fit! I hope you will enjoy everything I end up doing! I know I’m definitely excited for what is ahead of me.