“Must See” Videos & Links about Wildfire Protection

Videos about: How your home can survive a wildfire, raw video showing how the fire front had passed but the homes are still ablaze, a quick clip on embers (fire brands) and a modern looking home that survived a blaze.

Please also scroll down to the bottom to find links from official fire safety organizations and groups which offer a lot of insight when it comes to protecting you home against fires in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California.



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Link: www.sustainableenergygroup.com/california/videos-and-links-about-local-fire-protection

Below are some great links to peruse in your spare time about: hardening your home, wildfire safety tips, specific fire wise and fire safety information, fire sprinklers and a whole lot more.

Please share these tips, videos, images and pdfs with your community and surrounding communities of  Nevada County, Placer County, El Dorado County, Yuba County and the surrounding Sierra Foothills of California.

We can be more wildfire safe, but we have to do it together!