SEG Solar Crew Helps Extinguish Roadside Fire

A reminder to always have fire extinguishers in your vehicles. 

As the River Fire started blazing north of Colfax, Ca,

River Fire Colfax Ca

Picture from Brunswick intersection at the start of the River Fire

the SEG Solar crew was finishing up a solar system installation up in Grass Valley when they encountered a roadside fire on Alta Street.

alta street grass valley fire

Being one of the first people on the scene our installers Dave and Matt had grabbed the fire extinguishers we carry on our trucks and rushed to help control the fire from spreading to the house and community of Alta Hill. 


By the time they had used up all the fire extinguishers, help had arrived and finished putting out the fire. 

As you can see in this zoomed picture, it looks like a “cutout” was on fire. 

cutout on a power pole

A cutout acts like a fuse and opens when there is a problem with the line or a section of it. 

high voltage cutout power pole fire

Picture of the actual burning cutout.

If Dave and Matt were not aware and willing to act, even after a full day of work in the hot sun, this fire could have spread very quickly through Alta Hill and surrounding Grass Valley. 

matt and dave save the day

Matt and Dave save the day! This are pictures during the actual event. Our guys work hard!

We love you guys and we are so proud that they care so much about our community and are willing to step up and step in when needed.

Please give them a pat on the back if you see them out in the town or installing solar and backup power. 

Thank you Matt and Dave! We are so grateful to have you on the SEG team!