Fire, Smoke, Power Outage Links You Should Know

Being a tech guy and our social media person I get and see a lot of questions about best methods and links on status of fire, smoke and power outages locally in our Sierra Nevada community. 

Here are some links and screenshots on links that you will find helpful when trying to figure out what is going on during our fire season. 

#1 Best Overall Resource for Fire, Smoke, Evacuations, Updates and more – – YubaNet Fire News 

Fire: Fire New and Links

yubanet fire maps and news

california fire map created with arcgis and yubanet

YubaNet curates their interactive maps to show layers like you see here for evacuations and fire perimeter.

caldor fire snapshot

Fire Mappers Interactive Map

fire map california links

fire map california links


NWCG National Wildfire Coordinating Group – Fire Map

nwcg fire map

An interactive fire map that is visually different with yellow, orange and red dots.


View Evacuations in Nevada County and get text messages. Placer County below. 

Zone Haven Community Map for Evacuations

zonehaven evacuations for nevada county

Find and remember your zone and sign up for alerts. This is only active in Nevada County which we found out when the map was cut in half during the River Fire as Placer County is not on Zonehaven.

Code Red Signup Page – You can signup as a guest or register. 

code red signup for text alerts

Signup for text alerts on evacuations here.

Placer County Evacuations Map and Link:

placer county fire evacuations

Sign up for Placer County Emergency Alerts here, it does not seem to have a guest sign up so you’ll have to make and account with Everbridge.

placer county fire evacuation alerts


With the Caldor Fire being in El Dorado County and Amador County but very close to Nevada and Placer County, YubaNet is again here for the rescue again with great reporting. Thank you!



I check 3 different sites when it comes to air quality. I like to check similar areas too and zoom in and out. 

*AQI can be different for a few reasons, one being the sensor is not in the same spot to compare, and another the way AQI is calculated. Most websites will tell you how they calculate their AQI – Air Quality Index.

IQ Air Website 


air iq map air quality grass valley

My favorite part is that I can zoom out and see wind and a general idea without too many sensors.

air iq grass valley ca

Luckily today we have an AQI under 100!

The reason why IQ Air was listed #1 was that it combines a few different sources when calculating air quality and their app is quite nice. See a screenshot of the app below. 

Air IQ Phone App:

iq air nevada city aqi air quality california

AQICN.ORG – Grass Valley Sensor

aqi cn air quality in grass valley ca

I enjoy this website for it’s history and simplicity. If you scroll down you will also see history of Air Quality over the years which is very interesting.


air quality history

purple air  quality grass valley , california

I check all three including Purple Air, as they have the most air quality sensors, but sometimes it is too many for me as when you zoom out it gets hard to find the cities among the colored dots.

Power Outages:

Here is the PGE Power Outage Map Link

pg&e power outage map

Get power outage alerts if you are customer here>>

nevada county pg&e power outage alerts psps


I hope you will find these links helpful when looking for information locally about fires, evacuations, power outages and smoke. It has taken me a while to find the best places to find this critical information and now I hope you can support your people in times of need. 

Important: When it comes to smoke, filtering air is critical and do so you will need reliable power. When PSPS’s come and fire knocks out power lines having solar, batteries and generators (all things we install) is essential to thriving not just surviving during fire season. Give us a call today to set up a consultation on how you can be prepared right now (530) 273-4422 or click contact us above to request service.