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Sustainable Guide For Our Sierra Foothills

sierra nevada california foothills

Right now some of the list is clickable to the websites of the business, organizations and people we honored. In the coming months we will be diving deep into each section and adding links and descriptions and also linking to their profiles in the Source Directory Website a local directory you should check out!

There are more categories we will list and the guide will grow, but we need your help! Help us steward and moderate a category, all you have to do is reach out to get started!

Most Sustainable Restaurants

…in the Northern Sierra Foothills California

Highest Criteria: They supply their food from local, organic, regenerative and sustainable farms and ranches. Ideally they avoid plastic packaging & sytrofoam to-go containers. 


heartwood restaurant nevada city california

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Honored Local Restaurants in 2022

  • 3 Forks Brewery* – Nevada City
  • Heartwood* – Nevada City
  • California Organics – Nevada City
  • Meze – Grass Valley
  • Valentina’s – Grass Valley
  • Nectar Cafe – Auburn
  • Lola in the National – Nevada City
  • The Argonaut – Coloma 
  • The Healthy Habit – Auburn
  • Watershed At The Owl – Grass Valley
  • Josephine – Auburn
  • The Farm Table – Placerville
  • Wild Eye Pub – Grass Valley
  • One 11 – Nevada City
  • Afternoon Deli – Grass Valley

* shows strong support & promotes organic farm to fork ideas online & on socials

Some restaurants were not able to make the guide and some that have made the guide may need more research. We are looking for a farm to fork foodie who would like to steward this section of the guide. 

Here are a few other restaurants focused on local and sustainable that were not able to be mentioned due to space in the printed section. Would you agree?

Fudenjüce, Cirinos, Holbrook Restaurant, who else?


Who else would you list? Go here>>


sustainable farms and ranches in nevada  placer county ca


We do not consider ourselves the expert list in sustainable farms and ranches but we do want to list as many as possible and also point readers over to guides and lists that already exist like the:


Who else would you list? Go here>>


sustainable businesses

In an effort to not list businesses twice in the printed guide in The Union newspaper some businesses were represented in the guest author section. These businesses are sustainable and we are looking forward to adding them here in the near future!

Like Son’s Building and Development, The Blue Dane Market at the Alternative Building Center, Natural Living Design & Build and many more!

Who else would you list? Go here>>


sustainable organizations in nevada county

There are so many other organizations we can list and some we don’t even know. That is why we need your help!

Let’s start adding… Wolf Creek Community Alliance, +?

Who else would you list? Go here>>


sustainable schools sierra foothills california

I know there are schools we missed and we would like to link to them here. Please click the link below and let us know. 

Who else would you list? Go here>>


sustainable permaculture designers

There were so many individuals that were suggested in our online polls but we don’t know if they would like to be posted public. If you are one of them please let us know!

Who else would you list? Go here>>

Sustainable Grocery with Organic Food, Local, Regenerative and Natural  

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