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Residential Solar

*for homes in Nevada, Placer, El Dorado and Yuba County, California

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*Note: All photos are work that SEG has done in our community. Over 400 installs, for 20 years and counting!

Actual Solar and Battery Install by SEG in Nevada City, CA

Common Questions &

Ideas to consider in your Residential Solar Installation

Why do our customers install solar?

  • energy independence
  • it is clean, renewable energy with less pollution
  • great return on investment
  • rising utility costs

Ground Mount or Roof Top Installation?

Ground Mounted Solar Panels – Grass Valley, CA

Roof Top Residential Install - Penn Valley, CA

Roof Top Residential Install – Penn Valley, CA

We can help you with these faq as well:

  • Do I have enough sun?
  • How much will I save with the tax credit this year?
  • Will solar offset my electric bill?
  • Do I need a battery bank?
  • Grid-tied, Off-grid(read more about off-grid here) or both?
  • How much will the installation cost?
  • How long is the process?
  • What type panels do you have and do they come with a warranty?

What color panel can I use?

black solar panels in Residential Solar California

Black on Black Solar Panels

Traditional Checkered Solar Panels

We can help you answer these questions and more. Call us today at (530) 273-4422 or contact us here.

Our Residential Solar Work


We understand it’s a big decision to go solar.  You are in good hands, just ask our customers!

Extremely happy with Sustainable Energy. Our meter spins happily backward!! Penn Martin engineered system and showed great patience with our repeated questions. Very polite and respectful installers. My husband (so hard to please ex-construction) has high praise for their workmanship and consideration of our home.
Terri B, Grass Valley, California
Sustainable Energy Group is second to none. They are not just about solar, but energy efficiency. They can educate you on the most beneficial and economic solar system and present to you options on purchase or financing in a way that is easiest to afford and the most economically beneficial.
Michael Mapes, Penn Valley, CA
Ray and his guys at Sustainable Energy Group are simply the best. Professional, knowledgeable and efficient!
Andrew Boland, Rough & Ready, California
Ray really knows his stuff! Having such an extensive knowledge of the solar industry, he has a passion for sharing sustainable energy options. If you’re looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and or create a more sustainable lifestyle, he’s your guy!
Rachael Pfadt, Nevada County, California

Why choose us?

Expertise Established in 2004, Sustainable Energy Group is a multi-licensed contractor specializing in solar energy systems, with a team of experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals. The company founder Ray Darby is a licensed mechanical engineer with four decades of experience, including 10 years working at the California Energy Commission. Quality and Craftsmanship We are committed to providing customers with designs featuring carefully selected products and the latest technology available to ensure durable, aesthetically pleasing, and efficient solar systems. In-House Custom Design All our solar systems are designed in-house by our expert solar designer Penn Martin with 10 years of experience and 400 solar electric systems installed. Customer Service As a locally owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Every solar system is a long-term investment for the customer, as it is for us. We offer a 25-year parts and labor warranty that includes our workmanship. We believe in the Bigger Picture We are more than a solar company. Other services we offer include energy efficiency consultations, solar water heating systems, electric heating and cooling systems, and pool heating systems to maximize savings and utility of energy generated through solar electric systems.

Residential Solar Reality Check:

2019 is the best time get solar, and this is not a sales pitch. It’s a reality in California based on policy, tax credits and changes in PG&E. The Good & The Reality

The Gov't Tax Credit is getting smaller each year!

  • Reality: Each year the tax credit is going down in California. Meaning: Every year you do not choose solar you lose thousands of dollars.
  • Reality: PG & E prices are increasing 5-10% every year! Meaning: The quicker you install solar, the less you feel the increase.
  • Reality: Net Metering is changing from 2.0 to 3.0 Meaning: Net Metering is the way PG & E buys back the solar you produce. Good News: You can however lock in the 2.0 rate for 20 years!
  • More good news: Solar panels are so efficient now that the cost is not really an issue.  It’s actually one of the smartest investments you can make in our economy.  In 6-7 years, the residential solar installation is paid off, then solar starts to pay you every year. The best news: We warranty all of our work for 25 years!
  • Are you seeing a trend that Solar is a smart investment right now?

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Grass Valley Residential Solar Installation


What is Solar and how does it work?

  1. Through Photovoltaic Solar Panels or PV, Sunlight is collected by your solar panel and creates DC power.
  2. The DC power is converted to AC power for your home by the inverter.
  3.  The AC power is now used to power your home.
  4.  Any unused energy is sent back though your utility meter for credit and/or stored in a battery backup system for later use.
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