Local Photo Scavenger Hunt and more…

Theme: Rain Capture

Have you ever heard of the advice to “Keep the water on the landscape?”  No? Before this hunt is over you’ll understand what it means.

In this local photo scavenger hunt big kids (aka adults) and little kids are called to photograph and share via Facebook or Email, how we deal with water in a sustainable way in our community. In this season’s photo hunt  we are focusing on rain & snow melt and how (and why) we capture it. 

Step 1: Photo Scavenger Hunt

Find the types of signs you see below which talk about water capture and sustainability around Nevada City and Grass Valley.  Take a picture of each sign and take a picture of the feature it explains.   Share them on our Facebook Page or email them with a description to info@seg.energy. 

Here are a few examples, now get out there and hunt! – some hints of where to find these are at the bottom of this article 

Step 2: Observe and Record

During the next rain or snow melt observe your own property, house, nearby park and neighborhood. Do you notice erosion or other water damage? Standing water or ponds where there should not be?

Observe and record, aka take pictures, of what the water is doing as we will use these pictures later on in other seasons. 

water catchment nevada county sustainability

Is the water being captured and utilized or is it running off the land? Where the water going?

Imagine if we covered the land in non-permeable concrete and asphalt, what do you think would happen to the living soil below when it never receives water? What do you think would happen to the water wells and water table in that area?  Where do the pipes drain and why is that important?  Add this to you report when you upload your pictures.  

Step 3 – Bonus Round: 

Take pictures of sustainable and eco-friendly features around your home and our town and label them for what they are and how they work.  Can you implement some of these at your home? 

Need ideas for what to look for?  See below.

Food for thought: Do any of these topics below interest you? Is anyone doing them in your area? Search online or ask around to find out. If you find someone interesting, let us know and maybe they can write an article in our next newsletter!

Topics to look for:

Sustainable Energy
Waste Management
Human Waste Management
Water Management
Natural Building
Natural/ Eco Clothing
Sustainable Growing
Food Processing & Preservation
Sustainable Building Certifications
Sustainable Communities
Social Sustainability & Aid
Earth Sciences
Marine Sciences
Horticulture & Preservation
Herbalism & Medicinal Plants
Primitive, Wild, Survival
Permaculture Design Course – PDC 72hr
Organic Agriculture
Biodynamic Methods
Permaculture Methods
Solar Energy
Water Energy
Wind Energy
Solar Water Heating
Geo-thermal Energy
Other Energy: tidal, bio-gas, etc
Plastic Solutions
Air Cleaning
Water Cleaning
Land Reviving
Pollution Control
Composting & Alternative toilets
Septic, Reed Beds etc
Other Human Waste Processing
Rainwater Catchment, Harvesting
Earthworks: Swales, dams, etc
Drinking Water Filtering
Surveying, Mapping and GIS
Keyline Technique
Other Water Management
Indigenous Building Methods
Using Earth (cob, rammed, adobe,+)
Using Wood (timber, bamboo, +)
Other Natural Building Techniques
Natural/ Eco Clothing
Solar cookers
Chicken Tractors, etc
Naturally Derived Cleaning
Bike & People Powered
Other DYI Projects
Companion Planting
Perennial Planting
Natural Pest Management
Natural Fungus, Disease Control
Soil Building, Mulching, Hugelkultur
Compost Tea
Mushroom Cultivation
Urban Gardening & Ag
Vertical Gardening
Korean Natural Farming
Indigenous Methods
Hoop Houses, Greenhouses
Native Gardens & Spaces
Tree Care, Planting
Food Forests & Agroforestry
Ocean Fish Farming
Algae and Water Plants
Indoor Growing
Polycultures & Crop Rotation
Other Gardening Methods
Insects For food
Butterfly Sanctuary
Other Insect Projects
Egg Production
Micro livestock
Large Livestock for Meat (sustainable)
Habitat Creation
Canning & Preservation
Food Processing Methods
Fermented Foods
Other Food Processing
Sustainability Consultant
Corporate Sustainable Responsibility (CSR)
Other Building Certification
People Planning Urban & Suburban
Bicycle Infrastructure
Parks / Green Spaces
Other People Planning
Food Coops
Running a Farm
Other Business Models
Innovative Responsible Technology
Gadgets: Sustainability, Growing
Large Indoor Growing
Software, Apps for Sustainability
Other Innovative Tech
Land Conservation
Park & Trail Management
Building Sustainable Communities
Eco Villages
Other Community Models
Social Sustainability & Justice
Aid Work w/ Sustainability, Permaculture
Plant Identification
Soil Science
Biotech & Agronomy
Other Earth Sciences
Marine Biology
Reef Restoration
Marine Life Preservation
Animal & Plant Preservation
Botanical Gardens
Landscape Restoration
Other Preservation
Planetary Research
Permaculture – Teacher
Other Teacher Training
Herbalism & Medicinal Plants
Other Earth Based Healing
Primitive & Survival Skills
Wild & Local Foraging

Photo Scavenger Hunt Hints: Nevada County Rood Center in Nevada City, California. Permeable Pavement in Grass Valley, California. Rain Gardens, Nevada City, CA. American Rivers. School Street Grass Valley.

Parents and Teachers: Did you like photo hunt idea and would like to work with us to bring this to your children as a school project? Reach out to us and let us know.

The next photo hunt will be looking at the same places in Spring and seeing how the water has affected those areas and how water could have been used better.