What do we need, right now?

To me it’s 5 things.

Food, water, shelter, health and energy.


basic human needsBecause, without these essentials, nothing else matters.

If I am hungry and thirsty, there is nothing else I want but food and water. When it’s cold at night, there is nothing more I need than a roof over my head, warm clothes and bedding. When I am sick, returning back to health is all that matters.

Lastly, a need that sometimes gets overlooked, energy.

We would not have water without some sort of energy. Water needs to be transported, pumped.

If we can’t pump water, then we also can’t irrigate crops to grow food.

We can’t flush toilets and we can’t wash our hands. We lose sanitation needed to prevent the spread of disease. Additionally, sick and elderly in our community need life sustaining devices to be powered. In order to get our modern medicine, again, energy is essential.

Energy, food, water and shelter all go side by side.

If I want to grow food locally and it’s 30 degrees outside, I need ENERGY to heat some kind of structure, a greenhouse. I need energy to produce and transport materials, the shelter for my plants and the shelter for my myself and loved ones.

Energy makes it possible for us to survive in this seasonal climate zone. It helps us stay at home and social distance.

Let’s also not forget what else energy powers. The Internet, communication, cellphones, entertainment, comfort, cooking, appliances, showers, and whatever keeps you from going crazy in these extended times at home.

It’s easy to take these things for granted.

So what am I really saying?

In my humble opinion, our community needs to generate more of its OWN ENERGY.

If more people in our community get solar and batteries, WE ALL WIN.

First and foremost, instead of paying PG&E prices that keep going up, we can make money by producing our own energy. A smart investment.

Beyond the economy, it’s smart for our health. Solar is clean and renewable, not polluting the same air and water we need to survive. Going forward, it’s energy independence.

Having solar means, no matter what happens (PSPS, snow storms), you have energy at your home, energy for your family. You also become a source of energy for your community and friends. A beacon of light.

So, what is my recommendation in these times of heightened uncertainty?

Get solar, get batteries, build a greenhouse, grow some food.

I want to help you do that.

I can help you install solar at your home, not even having to go in your home.

I can help you get backup power, batteries and generators.

I can even help you build a greenhouse and a garden, so food is not so much of an issue. I have friends that can help, too.

Here is where to start.

Do you know someone nearby who owns a home without solar? Yourself maybe? Do you know someone who has solar but does not have battery backup?

Did you know solar can be installed while social distancing is a thing?

If you’ve had to cancel vacation plans, maybe use that money to make your home even better.

Did you know financing is easy to get and rates are good?

Truly, money is not the issue. The solar pays itself back quickly. It is a secure investment, not a roller coaster ride. Also, there are really big incentives and tax breaks for solar and batteries right now that are set to expire.

It’s time to share these thoughts with all homeowners. Have them reach out to me. Pass them my info,

It’s time to build up security for ourselves, our families and our communities.

Sustainable Energy Group Staff Picture our team grass valley california

Once we add more security, when times like these come, we actually thrive and enjoy them. We can have what we need and we can also have what we want. The technology is available and skilled experts and installers live here in our town.

We too are facing uncertainty and fortunately solar, battery backup and generators are considered an essential service as they provide energy generation and security in power outages and shutoffs.

Please call and talk to myself or any of us at Sustainable Energy Group (530-273-4422), we are here for you. We live and breathe this message every day.

Help us keep our local people working to a bring a more sustainable future to our community. We are all in this together!