Idaho Maryland Gold Mine Project Scope Released

Only 3 weeks remaining for comments…

Don’t miss your opportunity to make sure your comments, concerns and questions are heard and considered during the mine’s environmental review. 

On July 27th, 2020, Brian Foss, our local planning director, and Matt Kelly, senior planner for Nevada County, California uploaded a video presenting the scope of the Idaho Maryland Rise Gold Mine Project in, around and under Grass Valley, CA. The mining will be done at the Brunswick Industrial Site with tailings to be be stored near Idaho-Maryland Road and Highway 20.

idaho maryland grass valley gold mind, california

Speaking in the video presentation Brian Foss explains, [Watch the Video Below]

” The purpose of this meeting is to solicit and receive comments on the project that will help scope the purpose of the EIR (Environmental Impact Report)…”

This scoping meeting, “is held to receive comments from agencies and interested members of the public on specific issues that should be studied and addressed as part of the environmental analysis and included in the environmental impact report.”

The scoping meeting is not intended to provide answers about environmental impacts but to share information about the project so that you can comment and ask questions before the environmental review.

The scoping period will last 30 days and began on July 17th and will end on August 17th, 2020.

During this period comments can be submitted to the county so that the may be considered in the environmental impact analysis. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO BE HEARD by August 17th, 2020.

Submit your comments via email or written letter to:

Mr. Matt Kelley
Senior Planner

Nevada County Planning Department
950 Maidu Avenue
Nevada City, CA 95959-8617

Via email:

Watch the video and check out links and other commentary below the video. 

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Here are some environmental topics that we would like to learn about and that will hopefully be a part of the environmental impact report.

*Remember, we are only focusing on environmental impacts at this stage, not economic or other factors to consider when planning this mine.

  • Possible water, well, river/creek pollution
  • Draining of well water and underground water supply
  • Air pollution – what can get released into the air when breaking rocks, using explosives, mining, using energy, burning fossil fuels for mining and transportation, other gases and toxins being released in the air.
  • What will be the mining and truck noise?
  • How could habitats and nearby land and water biology be affected from possible leaching of toxins, possible mistakes or human error, and discharging of large volumes of treated water into wolf creek which flows to the bear river?
  • What are all the toxins and heavy metals that will be released, liberated and produced due to mining project?
  • Explain what will happen to the already contaminated and unstable historical mine fill at the Centennial Industrial Site before more fill is added from this project?
  • What is the worst case environmental scenario if any disaster or mistake happens? We must responsibly and ethically plan for the worst case, especially for a project that is in the middle of our community.
  • What is Rise Gold’s history with environmental protection and previous violations?
  • What has happened to other mining projects in our region in terms of environmental impact?

As Brian Foss clearly stated, at this stage we are simply asking questions and adding concerns about the possible impacts of the mine to the environment so an environmental impact report can be created and reviewed.

As citizens in our community this is our opportunity to be heard and if you have concerns please make sure to share them by August 17th, 2020.

Submit your comments right now via email or written letter to:

Mr. Matt Kelley
Senior Planner

Nevada County Planning Department
950 Maidu Avenue
Nevada City, CA 95959-8617

Via email: