The “Power” WE Give PG&E [Video]

Comedy/Reality with Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO
Warning: Adult Content and Foul Language

Please watch this eye opening video about how PG&E and other utilities became and are still monopolies in exchange for a “affordable and functioning” necessary public service. 

What you will learn: Utilities are guaranteed a rate of return for their projects. The more money they spend, the more profit $$ they make. The profit percentage is baked in. That is why they want to build the large solar projects and extra power plants while they don’t want you to get solar.  If you go solar and backup your power, then you don’t need them to provide you power at constantly increasing rates, that they lobby for. 

If you get solar, they essentially lose a customer, but it’s not that simple. With lobbying and taxes they still get money and are trying to get more money from you even if you did not need the utility for energy.

These are just a few of the reasons why we need to fight for a fair deal for solar at our homes and local businesses. This is why we will be in San Francisco for the Don’t Tax The Sun Rally on June 2nd and we would love for you to join us.

Let our voices be heard! We want a fair deal!