Why the Post-Pandemic World Needs Is A Solar Energy Revolution (Commentary)

Part of SEG’s Sustainability in Media Series, where we share good media about sustainable energy and living to help our community learn and thrive during interesting times. 

Before you go straight to the article (link below), here are some points that I feel are re-affirmed by this concise, to-the-point interpretation. 

  1. Solar is cheaper than coal (and better for the environment)
  2. Regardless of how cheap solar is becoming and how much utility companies are installing, utility companies like PG&E still raise prices yearly by about 5%. With fire risks that is not going to change. Therefore, owning (not leasing) solar for you home is the best way get all the benefits.
  3. We only have 1.5 years left of the solar tax credit and it may not get renewed because of these dropping costs.
  4. We will need to combine other energy sources and storage (batteries) with solar to help deliver power when we need it most, at night.
  5. Solar should not be political, it’s an economical, environmental and simply a morally better energy solution than carbon based fuels.
  6. Solar creates local good paying jobs.
  7. Solar produces clean energy for at least 25+ years.
  8. We must de-carbonize our country and industries as soon as possible. Understanding that burning trees, drilling oil and fracking gas is not the solution.

Check out the Forbes article by Enrique Dans.


Not able to read the full article?

Here are some quotes:

“In reasonably sunny places, it (solar) is by far the cheapest form that we humans have managed to invent for generating electricity.”

At the time, “solar plants routinely win power auctions with bids that reach 4 cents per kilowatt-hour, a price that is no longer cheaper than a coal plant: it’s cheaper than coal itself.”

In conclusion

” Those who … continue to rely on the old way of generating energy using fossil fuels will surely be missing out on the most transformative technology we have seen in a long time.”

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