FAQ Page For Customers – After Install

FAQs for Existing Solar, Battery Generator Home System Owners:

  1. System Maintenance and Upkeep
    • How do I maintain my solar and battery system? At SEG, we recommend regular cleaning of solar panels and routine check-ups to ensure all components function optimally.
    • What regular upkeep is needed for optimal performance? Regular inspections by SEG’s professional team can identify and rectify issues for sustained performance.
    • How can I monitor my system’s energy production? SEG provides helps connect you to advanced monitoring tools from inverters brands we install like Solaredge and Enphase and also from batteries and generator brands like Generac that enable our clients to track their system’s energy production and storage in real time.Monitoring System Performance
    • Does SEG offer a monitoring service package for our customers? aAlthought we recommend that our customers know how to check their own systems we do offer a monthly service where SEG monitors your system and initiate a service call when needed. Check out our White Glove Service Packages here >> 
      • FYI: SEG does get notified about the most critical errors in your system and will initiate service but in order to never lose out on saves coming from lower errors like a shaded panel, we recommended upgrading to our Gold Package which includes dealing with all levels of service and yearly checkups and cleaning. 
  2. Troubleshooting and Repairs:

    • How do I troubleshoot common issues with solar systems? At SEG, we recommend starting with monitoring tools to identify any issues. Check your system’s inverter for error messages or alerts. This can often provide immediate insights into any problems with the system. Also, ensure that the system isn’t being obstructed by any new shading or debris.
    • What steps should I take if my system isn’t working properly? If the monitoring tools and inverter check don’t resolve the issue, contact us at SEG. Our team will conduct a more in-depth analysis, which may include a site visit for a thorough inspection. We strongly advise against climbing onto the roof or touching the system’s electrical components for safety reasons.
    • How do I know my inverter is working – what should I do? 
      1. SolarEdge Inverter 101 – SEG Website
      2. Enphase inverters (coming soon) 
  3. Warranty and Service
    • What does my solar system’s warranty cover? SEG provides a comprehensive warranty covering parts and performance, ensuring peace of mind.
    • How do I access service and support for my system? Reach out to SEG for any service inquiries or support needs.
  4. Upgrading Your System
    • Can I upgrade my existing solar and battery system? Yes, SEG offers upgrades to enhance capacity or incorporate new technologies such are car chargers, new electrical panels, inverter technology and more. Ask us! 
    • What are the options for adding capacity or features? We provide various options tailored to your evolving energy needs.
  5. Battery Care and Lifespan
    • What care is required to maximize battery lifespan? Proper maintenance and usage, as advised by SEG, can extend battery life.
  6. Handling Power Outages
    • How does my solar and battery system function during outages? Systems with battery backup from SEG can provide power during outages.
    • What should I do to prepare my system for power outages? Regular testing and maintenance of your battery backup system are recommended.
  7. Selling Excess Energy
    • Can I sell excess energy back to the grid? Yes, through net metering, SEG helps you sell surplus energy back to the grid.
    • How does net metering work for solar system owners? Net metering credits you for the electricity your solar panels generate and send back to the grid.
  8. Impact on Property Value
    • Does a solar and battery system increase my home’s value? Solar systems can increase property values, a key consideration in the Sierra Foothills real estate market.
    • What are the benefits of having a solar system when selling my home? SEG’s solar installations enhance property appeal and can lead to higher sale prices.
  9. End-of-Life Recycling
    • How do I recycle my solar panels and batteries at the end of their lifespan? SEG encourages responsible disposal of solar panels and batteries. We provide guidance on recycling programs available in Northern California.
    • Are there programs available for solar system recycling? Yes, SEG can assist in identifying local recycling options for solar panels and batteries, supporting sustainable practices in our community.
  10. Solar System Compatibility with Smart Home Devices
    • Are SEG’s solar systems compatible with smart home devices? Yes, our solar systems can integrate with various smart home devices for enhanced energy management.
    • How can I integrate my solar system with home automation? We can guide you on connecting your solar system to home automation for efficient energy use.
  11. Solar System Expansion Possibilities
    • Can I expand my solar system in the future? Yes, SEG can assist with system expansions to meet increased energy needs or to add new technologies.
    • What should I consider before expanding my solar system? Consider factors like roof space, energy needs, and budget. SEG provides consultations to help make the right decision.
  12. Solar Panel Cleaning and Care
    • How often should I clean my solar panels? Cleaning frequency depends on your location and environment. Read this article in our blog for advice. 
    • Can SEG assist with solar panel cleaning and care? Yes, we offer cleaning services and advice on best practices for maintaining your solar panels. This is part of our White Gold Glove Package.
  13. How do I claim my tax credit?
  14. PG&E, Utility Bill & NEM

    1. NEM and How to read your bill – Your Guide to Net Energy Metering from PG&E – pdf 
      1. Helps answer the question “I got my true-up bill what now?”
        1. california net energy metering true up billhttps://www.pge.com/content/dam/pge/docs/account/billing-and-assistance/nem_brochure.pdf


  15. Off-Grid Solar FAQ



  1. Generator Operation and Efficiency
    • How do I operate my home generator after installation? If you generator is installed with an automatic transfer switch it would turn on when the power is out as long as it has fuel. Our Generac Generators typically installed with automatic functioning when needed. 
    • An automatic generator should power on (every # of days or hours…)
    • How can I ensure my generator is running efficiently? Regular monitoring of your generator’s performance is key. SEG recommends keeping an eye on fuel consumption and output to ensure it’s running efficiently.
  2. Maintenance and Service
    • What regular maintenance does my home generator need? Routine maintenance, typically semi-annual or annual, or after long hours of use, is crucial for the longevity of your generator. This includes checking oil levels, replacing filters, and ensuring the battery is in good condition.
      • Example Maintenance Timing:
        • After 50 hours of use – call SEG to change your oil
        • Every 6 months … (we do this)
        • Before fire season and before snow season it’s important to..
    • How do I schedule maintenance or repairs for my generator? Join our Service Plan and SEG will contact you …. Or contact SEG for scheduling maintenance or repairs. Our team of experts will provide the necessary service to keep your generator in optimal condition.
  3. Integration with Solar Systems
    • How does my generator integrate with my existing solar system? SEG specializes in integrating generators with solar systems, ensuring a seamless transition of power supply during outages.
    • Can SEG help with adjusting my solar system settings to accommodate the generator? Yes, we can assist in configuring your solar system settings to work harmoniously with your home generator for optimal energy use.

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