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  • Learn about how to backup your power during PG&E outages and the future of energy in our community. 
  • Say informed about local events in sustainability.
  • Learn about who’s going solar locally and how it is helping our future.
  • Read articles written by our very own energy experts and efficiency gurus.
  • Get energy efficiency and resiliency tips and advice from SEG’s electricians, engineers, and solar installers.
  • Read guest articles from local legends in sustainability, environmental protection, permaculture and more.

Topics include:

  • How to backup your power for PG&E outages in Northern California.
  • Policy in California like Net Zero, NEM 2.0, California Tax Credit for Solar (ITC) and more.
  • Energy Effciency, Optimized Cooling and Heating HVAC, Heat Pumps, Whole House Fans, and more.
  • Local Guest Posts about Natural Building, Organic Gardening, Soil & Microbes, Sierra Harvest Projects, and more.
  • How to troubleshoot popular solar power systems

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