Ruby Beauchamp – Intern

Communication Specialist and Community Outreach Coordinator

Ruby Beauchamp joined the Sustainable Energy Group at the end of May and has been an invaluable addition to our team. As an intern, she has taken on the role of communication specialist and community outreach coordinator. Ruby is responsible for graphic design, newsletter publication, website development and social media management.

Born and raised in Auburn, Ruby is a Northern California native, eager to help the State realize its sustainability goals. For as long as she can remember, she has been involved in local sustainability efforts, everything ranging from living in a straw bale house, homeschooling and homesteading, to starting an environmental club at Del Oro High School and managing a 500 gallon aquaponics system on the school campus.

Currently, Ruby is a senior student at the University of Portland, pursuing majors Organizational Communication and Spanish as well as a minor in Sustainability. Following her passion for sustainability, Ruby aspires to be a consultant and work with businesses and organizations to develop eco action plans that will reduce their footprint and strengthen social-ecological resilience to environmental challenges.

Ruby’s hobbies include yoga, aerial silks and rope, sewing, gardening, and backpacking and being outdoors. One fun fact about Ruby is that she lives in a school bus that has been converted into a tiny house.