FAQ Page for New Customers

For Prospective Solar, Battery and Generator Home System Owners:

  1. Understanding Solar and Battery Systems
    • How do solar panels and home batteries work?
      • Solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into electricity, while home batteries store this electricity for use when the sun isn’t shining, providing a consistent power supply.
    • What are the components of a complete solar and battery system?
      • A complete system typically includes solar panels, an inverter to convert solar energy, batteries for energy storage, a charge controller to regulate power flow, and monitoring systems to track performance.
  2. Cost and Financing
    • How much does a typical solar and battery system cost?
      • The cost varies based on system size and quality, and SEG offers personalized quotes to reflect each project’s specifics.
    • What financing options are available for solar installations?
      • Sustainable Energy Group helps clients explore various financing options, including loans and more, and educates them on any available local government financial assistance programs. SEG avoids solar leases for multiple reasons. Call us to talk about why (530) 273-4422.
  3. Installation Process
    • What is the process for installing a solar and battery system?
      • The installation process involves initial site assessment, system design, obtaining necessary permits, physically installing the solar panels and batteries, and connecting the system to the electrical grid.
    • How long does installation typically take?
      • For an average system size and complexity and for solar only 2-3 days for installation is possible.  Adding size and complexity such as batteries, generators, electrical work and vehicles chargers will extend installation to more days. 
  4. Energy Savings and ROI
    • How much can I save on my energy bill with solar and batteries?
      • SEG helps clients significantly reduce their energy bills, with savings covering the cost of the system over time.
    • What is the return on investment for solar systems?
      • Sustainable Energy Group ensures that clients receive substantial ROI through long-term energy cost savings and potential property value increases.
  5. Solar System Design and Customization
    • How are solar systems designed to fit individual homes?
      • SEG custom-designs systems based on individual energy needs, roof characteristics (roof mounted systems), land characteristics (ground mounted systems), sun exposure, and climate conditions.
    • Can I customize my solar + battery + generators systems?
      • Yes, SEG offers customization options in system size, panel types, battery capacity, generator size to meet specific energy needs.
  6. Regulations and Permissions
    • What permits are needed for solar system installation?
      • Installation usually requires a building permit, and systems must comply with local building codes, zoning laws, and utility company rules.
    • Are there any local regulations affecting solar installations?
      • Local regulations can vary widely, including rules about system size, placement, and aesthetics, particularly in historic or specially zoned areas.
  7. Government Incentives and Tax Credits
    • What government incentives are available for solar installations?
      • Sustainable Energy Group can help you utilize the federal solar tax credit, also known as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which allows homeowners to claim 30% of the cost of installing a solar power system. This credit is part of the incentives under the Residential Clean Energy Credit program, and it applies to expenses such as solar panel equipment and installation. The ITC is available at 30% for solar systems installed from 2022 through 2032.
        • Federal Tax Credit: Currently 30% off the total cost of your solar system and battery. It is a tax credit so please read more about that at the Energy.gov tax credit info page. 
    • How do I qualify for solar tax credits?
      • SEG can guide you through the eligibility criteria for the federal solar tax credit. To qualify, you need to have installed eligible solar energy in your home. Batteries can be included in the incentive if installed at the same time as solar.  Any unused portion of the credit can be carried forward to the next tax year. It’s important to note that the exact details of the tax credit, including your eligibility and the amount you can claim, depend on your individual tax situation. Therefore, consulting with a tax professional is highly recommended to ensure you receive the most accurate and beneficial application of these incentives.
    • Is solar free?
      • The short answer, that is a marketing ploy by sales companies and massive solar lead generators to get your information to sell it. Unfortunately solar is not free but there are incentives.
  8. Compatibility with Existing Infrastructure
    • Can solar panels be integrated with my current electrical system?
      • Sustainable Energy Group specializes in integrating solar panels with a variety of electrical systems, tailoring solutions to each client’s needs.
    • Are solar systems compatible with all types of roofs?
      • SEG evaluates each property to provide the best solar solutions for different roof types, ensuring compatibility and efficiency. It’s very rare that we cannot accommodate any types of roofs.
  9. Environmental Impact
    • How environmentally friendly are solar and battery systems?
      • Sustainable Energy Group emphasizes the eco-friendliness of solar solutions. Solar panels, with a lifespan of over 25 years, are a highly sustainable energy source, especially in the sunny climate of Northern California. As solar technology advances, panels are becoming more efficient and less reliant on toxic elements, like lead, further reducing their environmental impact.
    • What is the impact of solar systems on carbon footprint?
      • SEG’s solar installations greatly reduce carbon emissions. The long lifespan and increasing recyclability of solar panels make them one of the most environmentally friendly solutions in today’s energy landscape.
  10. Choosing a Solar Provider – Why Choose SEG
    • How do I choose the right solar provider?
      • When selecting a solar provider, consider Sustainable Energy Group’s longstanding presence in the industry since 2004, their deep roots in Grass Valley, and their reputation for exceptional service. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, backed by stellar reviews, highlights their dedication to delivering top-notch solar solutions.
    • What should I look for in a solar installation company?
      • Seek out a company like SEG, known for its extensive local expertise and proven track record. Their focus on customer satisfaction, no matter the challenge, and their comprehensive approach to solar installations make them a standout choice in the region.

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