Commercial Solar and Backup Power Services

Since 2004 we have commercial solar for:  Many northern California businesses such as home builders, roofers (remove and replace), farms, wineries, storage centers, churches and groups like Habitat for Humanity.

Welcome to Sustainable Energy Group, your premier destination for top-tier commercial solar solutions in Grass Valley, CA. With deep roots in the community, we’re dedicated to providing businesses with state-of-the-art solar systems, battery backup and generators tailored to foster sustainability, cost-efficiency, and exceptional energy production.

Elevate Your Business with Sustainable Energy Group’s Commercial Solar and Backup Power Expertise

  1. Unparalleled Solar Solutions: We specialize in high-performance systems that blend aesthetic appeal with user-centric design, ensuring not just energy but cost savings for your business.

  2. End-to-End Commercial Solar Service: Our comprehensive services cover everything from initial system design to permits, rebate applications, and more. We ensure a smooth, hassle-free transition to solar energy.

  3. Battery and Generator Backup Systems: With our advanced battery and generator backup systems, your business remains powered up, even during power outages.

  4. Tax Incentives and Rebates: We’re always up-to-date with the latest in solar tax incentives, credits, and rebates. Our team will guide you through capitalizing on these financial advantages.

  5. Holistic Solar Offerings: Beyond solar panels, our offerings span advanced inverters, efficient car charging stations, and powerful energy storage solutions.

  6. Tailored Builder Solutions: For Northern California home builders, we provide bespoke solar offerings to fit the minimum (and more) solar requirements for new California homes. We have installed many base systems for for new housing developments in our area.

Why Choose Sustainable Energy Group?

Choosing us means partnering with a legacy of excellence, trust, and commitment to both your business and the planet. Our depth of industry knowledge ensures personalized solutions, fitting the unique contours of every client’s requirements, and paving the way for a sustainable future.

Highlighted Local Commercial Solar Projects:

We take pride in our extensive portfolio of notable installations across Northern California, including:

  • South Yuba Club, Large Commercial Solar Installation – Grass Valley, CA
  • Grass Valley Florist  – Grass Valley, CA
  • Asylum Down, Downtown – Nevada City, CA
  • True Value Hardware – Penn Valley and Hills Flat in Colfax, CA
  • Nevada City Methodist Church, Downtown Nevada City, CA
  • Emerald Cove Marina – Bullard’s Bar, Dobbins, CA
  • Avanguardia Winery – Nevada City, CA
  • Over 20 projects with Habitat for Humanity – All over Northern California and Sacramento
  • Multiple new housing projects
  • … and more!

Our Tried-and-Tested Process:

  1. Free Consultation: Begin with a comprehensive analysis of your energy consumption and explore optimal solar solutions for your establishment.

  2. Financing Solutions: With our network of trusted partners, we provide a plethora of financing options, catering to varied preferences, from quick pay-offs to flexible monthly payments.

  3. Design & Planning: Our adept engineers and consultants design solar systems that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are efficient and tailored to needs of commercial buildings.

  4. Seamless Permitting: We take the reins on the permit process, ensuring you benefit from our experience working on commercial projects to give you and your business a seamless installation. Believe us will jump through the red tape for our commercial clients to save stress and worry. 

  5. Expert Installation: Our seasoned team, comprising skilled solar installers and electricians, guarantees a flawless solar installation, designed for long-term performance.

Illuminate Your Business’s Future with Sustainable Energy Group

Partner with Sustainable Energy Group to set your business on a path of sustainability, and unlock unparalleled energy savings. Reach out to us today (530) 273-4422 and let’s embark on a journey towards a brighter, greener tomorrow for your business.